Millennials face harsh reality of ‘No Deal’ Brexit

Millennials are to be hit the hardest following the Brexit referendum. Millennials voice their concerns about the impact of Brexit in their lives, in interviews at Oxford Circus.

Regardless of the downpour and grey skies, determined journalists from Voice of Westminster approached millennials on the streets of London this morning, to ask them questions on Brexit.

Jacob Gorelka, a manager of ITSU, a popular chain restaurant, expressed his concerns regarding Brexit. Speaking to him before the lunch time rush at the ITSU store on Regents Street, Gorelka commented on the effects of Brexit and said: ‘It’s going to be hard for us as well. I’m Slovakian. It’s going to get hard for us. I don’t know why they voted, it makes no sense.’

Manager of ITSU, Jacob Gorelka. Photo: Mishelle Thurairatnam

Feeling disheartened and apprehensive from the result of the referendum would make any millennial anxious for the political upheaval which lies ahead. Gorelka, 29, has noticed the inflation of food prices first hand: ‘Some prices have already increased. Salmon. It comes from Norway so they raised the price. They raised the price a lot.’

Figures that have been released show that there has been a growth in inflation which is 0.9% more than the rate of wage growth, as reported by the BBC.

Millennials have become alert to the situation that is currently changing their lives.
Student Lucy Cranfield, 20, makes it a point to identify how the financial crisis will cause
consequences for her.

She said: ‘Groceries are expensive. You don’t have the luxury of going to a big supermarket. You have to rely on convenience stores which are already quite expensive. This means that they are going to increase their prices and this is not a good thing.’

It is clear if the Brexit deal goes ahead, the low incomes will feel the financial burdens most which come with Brexit.

Catherine Sanderson, Actress, 31. Photo: Mishelle Thurairatnam

Up and coming actress Catherine Sanderson, 34, suggests an ultimatum to the problem. Sanderson wraps herself tighter in her snug dark green trench coat. Turning to the recorder, she said: ‘People will leave the country. If you cannot afford anything here people will just move to France and Ireland.’

Hope is now that the next phase of the negotiations can be reached in December avoiding a no-deal break away from the European Union.

[Image Credit: Gwydion M. Williams, CC-BY-SA]

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