Post Harvey Weinstein: Molly’s Game Film Review

As if he had known, Aaron Sorkin created the perfect movie for the era of Harvey Weinstein and women in Hollywood, Aaron Sorkin created Molly’s Game. The real life story of Molly Bloom out in January is showing the world that women are just as powerful as their opposition – men.

A felon, 35, unemployed, guilty to mob indictment, in debt to the government, not allowed to vote, refused entry to Canada. She’s Molly Bloom. The story of an optional lone wolf, an independent and a very hard-to-kill woman showing real feminism and what it takes to survive in a world dominated by males. Molly’s Game.

Aaron Sorkin’s directional film debut saw Jessica Chastain (Miss Sloane) and Idris Elba (No Good Deed) play Molly bloom and her lawyer Charlie Jeffrey’s in Molly’s Game, an American crime drama. The film is about the dark tales of poker and the tale of the real life Molly Bloom, the ‘poker princess.’

Molly and Idris play the main protagonists of the film.
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The 120 minute film shows the under appreciation of women in the work place. Some may argue that Molly was a cold hearted woman who just wanted the money, power and the attention. The film looks past the preconception of the host as they show in scenes of her helping one of the poker players that became too addicted to the game. It makes you think whether this life was really for Molly? Why couldn’t she just do something normal for a living?

Although poker drives the plot, the resonance of the story comes from Bloom’s strength, inner character and ability to beat whatever system she challenges by remaining true to herself and the people she bought down with her.

You can tell Molly is trying to seek validation from her dad so she looked for it elsewhere – in these poker games with men depending on her every move. She had daddy issues so she looked for it in the men she controlled in these games.

The only man that can control Molly Bloom. Amongst all the tense, dark, twists and turns – the underlying emotion comes to a climax in the scene with Kevin Costner, who plays her father. Kevin Costner always has the answers. The film is summed up in this scene as we realise that Molly turned to this dark world because of her childhood. She turned to the drugs as medication, a solution, trying to solve the problem.

Jessica Chastain is used to playing softer lead protagonists, like her role in The Help and this role really showed her acting ability.

She said: “Before I even opened the script, I knew I was going to say yes to it. I was so blown away by Aaron [Sorkin] putting a female as the protagonist. The film is about taking your power back as a woman.”

Bloom was a host of poker games which eventually got her into trouble.
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We see sides to Molly that the media doesn’t show in the bloom story. In scenes with Idris Elba, her lawyer, you can tell that Molly is actually funny. She is quirky but also very fiery but that is her loyalty burning through of trying not to reveal who her regular players were. The chemistry between the pair is phenomenal. You’re left wondering maybe they will get together as they spend nearly every moment together and the heartfelt speeches they give each other.

Idris’ character was strong smart and funny which we see in the many roles Elba plays, like The Wire. The relationship between Molly and Charlie is central you get the sense that they are both used to being the smartest person in the room. Suddenly they’re in the same room. The back and forth between them is fun.

It is an underdog story. Despite the biographical aspect of the film, it is about a woman becoming successful in an industry that is filled with men – a lesson to be learnt by everyone in the industry.

Molly’s Game is a film for the women, a film to encourage equality in workplaces and to never underestimate the power a female has over a male. An exceptional film and a thumbs up to Sorkin, who is used to male lead roles, on directing a soon-to-be award winning film.

The only downfall was the quick sentencing of someone who obviously has committed a crime but as an audience, you can be the judge of that.

Molly’s Game is out 1 Jan 2018.

Watch the press conference below of Jessica Chastain talking about Gender Equality in Hollywood today.

[Video by Nikki Onafuye]

[Featured Image: Eone]


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