Chaos as London City Airport closes after WW2 bomb is found in Thames

Thousands of people are stranded due to the closure of City Airport following the discovery of a WW2 bomb.

An airport spokeswoman has said the closure will affect 16,000 passengers. All roads surrounding the airport have been closed and A 214 – meter exclusion zone has been set up. Any properties within this area have been evacuated. Newham Council is providing temporary emergency accommodation for residents.

Robert Sinclair, CEO of the airport, apologised and said: “I recognise this is causing inconvenience for our passengers, and in particular some of our local residents.”

People have expressed mixed emotions about the closure.

The Met police have said the bomb was discovered on Sunday during pre-planned work at George V dock at the airport in east London. The airport was subsequently closed at 10:00 pm, leaving 130 flights throughout out the night and 261 arrivals and departures scheduled for today to be cancelled.

The Met is now working with the Royal Navy to remove the device.

The discovery was made as survey work was carried out as part of the airport’s £480 million expansion programme.

This is not the first time a war relic has been found. In March of 2017 a WW2 bomb was found in  Brondesbury Park. There was an evacuation several months later at London Eye and Westminster Pier were after reports of an unexploded wartime era “ordnance”.

Historian at the Imperial War Museum, Matt Bronsan told the BBC;”They may be 100 years old but these devices still need to be treated cautiously and disposed of properly.”

The airport closure and the exclusion zone will continue till tonight. London City Airport will post updates via their twitter.

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