Knife Crime: As common as knives

As the number of children penalised for knife possession rises 16%, Scotland Yard has called for five year olds to be taught about knife crime.

The problem is really so extensive, that we need to expose our children to its horrors.

Charline Bou Mansour, reporter and journalist, investigates why many children are getting involved and what the root cause of knife crime is in London.

Is it going to take a mass stabbing for schools in the UK to recognise the dangerous society we are currently living in? Schools should be taking more responsibility for knife crime in the UK. Michelle Jaghi, from Chicago USA, explained why the high-schools in America follow a very strict routine. Should we be following their footsteps?

In this documentary Charline interviews Aaron Roach Bridgeman, a presenter and youth mentor from North-West London. He talks about the issues of knife crime, where they originated from and what we can do as a community to help combat this problem.

Aaron Roach Bridgeman – Presenter/Youth Mentor

Outside of TV, Roach Bridgeman mentors children at risk of joining gangs and becoming involved with knife crime.

Follow us this Thursday at 8pm on Radio 1. We will be hearing from a head teacher, parent and an inspector from the Met Police to understand how bad knife crime currently is and what the solution will be.

If you or anyone you know are dealing with issues involving knife crime please contact the 4Front Project. They are on a mission to empower young people and communities to improve their lives while understanding and reducing serious youth violence and the systemic conditions that cause it.

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